System Automation

Datalock advocates maximum automation of the Oracle environment.

Important administration and maintenance tasks are scripted, generating email output indicating success or failure.

Performance and troubleshooting data is gathered facilitating capacity planning, performance analysis and post event troubleshooting.

Database checks verify database integrity and detect any errors. Advance warnings are generated for tablespaces breaching thresholds.

Table of database automation tasks;
Task Frequency
RMAN Backup Daily
Hot / Cold Backup Daily or Weekly
Export / Data Pump Daily
Tablespace Checks Hourly
Database Monitor Every 5 minutes
Statspack snap Hourly
Collection of object reports Weekly
Object Recompilation Weekly
Broken Jobs / Invalid Objects Weekly
Server Housekeeping Daily, Weekly
Database Metrics Daily
Database Analyse (DBMS_STATS) Weekly / Monthly
Data Guard Synchronisation Configurable

Full set of scripts available for UNIX and Windows environments. Full documentation provided for all scripts and processes, to include installation and troubleshooting.

Advantages of system automation:

  • Saves times and resources
  • Minimises downtime
  • Provides alerting and management infrastructure
  • Stores historical database performance metrics
  • Standardises administration process