Performance Tuning

Datalock are specialists in the areas of database performance management.

DataLock, has developed a commercial product OreCentral, specialising in analysing database performance, tracking database metrics and validating database structural integrity.

OreCentral facilitates:

  • Performance Analysis
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Machine Load Breakdown
  • Processing and Wait Event Analysis
  • Capacity Planning
  • Metrics trend analysis.
  • Object structural reports.
  • Benchmark past and current database behaviour
  • Identification of database bottlenecks and workload spikes.

OreCentral is applicable to both production and development environments. The range and scope of data provided by OreCentral is unique in the market.

In cost benefit terms, OreCentral is likely to save consultancy days and save revenue in the event of critical performance problems. Additionally, the product provides a sense of control and knowledge. It is also an impressive resource to show during external audit or site visits.

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Additional services offered:

  • Session Tracing
  • System Tracing
  • SQL Tuning
  • Batch Processing / Data Warehouse load streamlining
  • SGA Tuning
    Initialisation Parameters
  • Backup and Restore tuning
  • Database load / refresh tuning.
  • General performance troubleshooting.